Who designs and makes all the products?

My name is Reena Suryavanshi and I am a mom of a 5 year old boy. I have educational background and several years of professional experience in apparel and textiles. I design, pick colors, trim for the entire collections. Last Fall I launched Lila Hand knits. In Spring 2018, I have added more classic and vintage inspired collections to my brand. 

Bonnetsville is hand made bonnets made from upcycled fabric in Seattle. I cut bonnets, design and sew. I am also involved in all aspects of product marketing, Social media and all of the back end work of having a small shop. I will be adding more hand made collections to my brand this summer. 

I currently live in Woodinville, WA with my family and I work from my home office. 

What materials are used in our products?

Currently, all of hand knitted mylila products use 100% acrylic yarn. We do custom order in wool blend or cotton. Bonnets are made from upcycled fabric. The Organic collection, which was a limited preorder release was made from 100% Organic cotton free from any chemical and pesticides. 


What is the story and inspiration driving Mylila?

As a little girl, I saw my mom, Leela knitting sweaters for our family - myself, my sisters and a lot of my cousins. With the background in apparel and textiles and knitting experience, I have designed babies and kids sweaters and handpicked the colors. My line is hand-knitted by artisans in India. It gives them a chance to knit and finish household chores at their own pace. Artisans can fetch water, cook meals, pick up the kids from school and still work at their own time. Each item is signed by the artisan who has knitted it. Time for us as a society to empower other women. From Moms to Moms by Moms. 
Apart from this I have added more product categories like bonnets and Organic cotton items. 
What is Mylila's goal?
Mylila is committed to support economically challenged and low-income artisans in India. Mylila is able to provide four women with a small income which is used by them for their well-being, family and other expenses. We are committed to open dialogue and transparency with our artisans. It is important to ensure better working conditions and fair pay. We are giving back 30% of profits to the artisans for the items that are hand knitted by them. 
How can we contact you?

For any questions you can e-mail me at