Lila Launches Organic Cotton Baby and Kids Line

Lila launched first Organic Spring Line in February March 2018. Spring collection is made from 100% Organic cotton, in a Fair trade certified facility in India.  Cotton Fiber used is free from herbicides, pesticides or genetically modified seeds. 

I am focused and dedicated to the tenets of sustainable development and working with social conscience. We are making responsible sourcing of the raw materials through every step of creating the final product. The dyes are eco friendly free from metal contaminants. The cotton is GOTS certified, highest standard for textiles. 

Even the water is treated in the Effluent treatment plant  and the treated water used for growing the plants. Wind mill is used to run one of the facilities where the clothing is sewn. I am happy to report in this Sustainable business practice,  we are using natural resources, recycling and sticking to Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. Every garment has a number on it which means its a Fair trade certified garment and ethically made.  




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